Alicia has taught my horse and I so much in the 2 months that we have been with her. She is kind, honest, and professional. Alicia knows when to push, and when to let you learn from an experience. My progress with her has skyrocketed, and I am very happy to have found Alicia to train with. Thank you Alicia!

Jessica H.,

"Alicia Swinton is a wonderful Instructor. Informative and patient! I would recommend her for anyone (of any age) wanting to learn how to ride or just improve there skills."

Michael V.,

"I stay with Alicia as my trainer because she's fantastic. She's knows when to take it slow or give that extra push of encouragement. She pairs riders and horses perfectly. She has trained the best bombproof horses EVER! I have been with Alicia for 3 years and can't even imagine going to another trainer. I honestly think Alicia is the best trainer out there. She has an awesome personality, amazing horses and is a fabulous trainer."

Mikayla R.,

"Alicia is an excellent riding coach! I worked with her for about a year or so taking jumping and dressage lessons and having her school my 12yo warm blood mix eventer. She was always positive and encouraging but had a great eye for what we should improve and was always pushing us to be our best. The improvement in my horse's self carriage, attentiveness, and flexibility was truly amazing during my time with Alicia. The work she did on my riding technique allowed me to make big improvements that I will always be grateful to her for! I really just can't say enough good about her attitude, work eithic, and incredible skills. She's fantastic!"

Julia N., Designer